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Water Well Solutions wins the prestigious 2015 award for “BEST BUSINESS UNIT” for Utility Service Group and Suez.
Feature - Todd Kerry, Water Well Solutions

Water Well Solutions won the Utility Service Group best award after being purchased by Utility Service Group, a division of Suez, in October of 2014. The “Best Business Unit” award goes to those divisions which outperform their expectations. Water Well Solutions won this award at the Utility Service Group’s Annual Business meeting in Orlando, FL.

Peter Benin, Project Manager; Mike Nailor, Operations Manager; Jon Kohlmetz, Field Manager; Mike Judkins, General Manager; Deanna Peterson-Dorbritz, Accounting/Office Manager; Jeff Gibson, Senior Project Manager; Mark Thurow, Operations Manager; Ray Reece, Director of Water Well Services; Jeff Stollhans, Senior Project Manager; Todd Kerry, Senior Project Manager.

WWS Provides Alternative “Solutions” to Mercury Sealed Motors
Feature - Todd Kerry, Water Well Solutions

Water Well InsiderWater Well Solutions (WWS) is a full service water well contractor serving the entire Midwest in the municipal, industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential water well markets.WWS operates an extensive fleet of service vehicles on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week waiting to respond to any and all emergencies.WWS services include but are not limited to the servicing, rewinding or rebuilding of existing submersible motors, and pumping equipment. Please visit our website at www.wwssg.com for a full company profile.

As you may be aware, the Governor recently signed legislation approved by the Illinois House of Representatives and the State Senate banning the sale and distribution of mercury seals commonly found in the Bryon Jackson Type “H” submersible well pump motors. This ban is to begin July 1, 2012. With the advent of this new legislation, owners of water systems will be required to seek alternative seals (such as double mechanical seals) when installing new submersible motors, or repairing motors with mercury seals.

With the ban set to take effect in less than a year, WWS has developed several options to assist water system with becoming compliant. One option is to replace submersible motors that have a mercury seal, with a motor constructed with an industry standard double mechanical type seal. Another option is to retrofit the motors that have a mercury seal with a double mechanical seal, which is often a more cost effective solution. It is our goal to assist clients with understanding the impact of this new law and to provide cost effective solutions to achieve compliance.

Water Well Solutions represents a wide array of submersible motor manufacturers that construct motors with the industry standard double mechanical seal. These motors are NSF approved and compliant with the new State of Illinois regulations. These motor designs are environmentally friendly and include options for either oilfilled or water-filled housings. WWS manages relationships with “all” manufactures including: Franklin, Hitachi, Baker-Hughes Centrilift, Sun-Star, Alstra, Exodine, and Indar just to name a few. WWS also carries a line of motors designed as a direct replacement for the Byron Jackson motors which are of superior construction and come standard with the double mechanical seal, and mount directly to the Byron Jackson pump without adaptation. WWS also has extensive experience with providing the services to convert existing Byron Jackson mercury sealed motors to a double mechanical seal in order to satisfy compliance requirements. A long list of satisfied clients is available for review upon your request.

For more information regarding the services WWS has to offer, or for additional information regarding the new legislation and compliance issues, please visit our website at www.wwssg.com or feel free to contact any of our experienced project managers at (888) 769-9009. We hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to the opportunity to respectfully earning your business.

The Illinois Manufacturer - Environmental Issues
Feature - Todd Kerry, Water Well Solutions

Sale of mercury seals for well pump applications banned due to environmental concerns

Mercury is a very toxic element that can cause severe neurological health problems. Mercury can enter the human body through inhalation, ingestion and/or skin absorption. Over the years there has been a growing concern over the use of mercury and many environmentalists believe that the use of mercury in every day products may have led to cardiovascular disease, autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia and many other nervous system conditions in the United States. Many states have enacted legislation that has reduced or eliminated the amount of mercury that a product can contain.

Recently, in an Act concerning public safety, the Governor of Illinois signed new legislation (SB 1213), which was approved by the Illinois House of Representatives and the State Senate, banning the sale and distribution of “mercury seals” for water well pumping equipment. Due to the environmental and public health concerns, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Pollution Protection, decided to add submersible motors to the mercury ban list after several mercury spills were reported throughout the country.

The mercury ban referenced in the new law prevents the installation of a mercury seal commonly found in the Flowserve Corporation’s Bryon Jackson Type "H" Submersible motor, installed in many water wells throughout the State of Illinois. The Byron Jackson motors were unique in that they were the only submersible motor manufacturer to offer a mercury seal option in a submersible motor. This design utilized mercury's unique characteristics to create a seal around the rotating shaft to inhibit the intrusion of the well water into the oil filled electric motor housing to prevent a catastrophic motor failure. The Type H motors are known to have upwards of 8.25 to 17.25 lbs. mercury located within the seal. Seals on a standard water filled motor are not as critical, as well water can enter a water filled motor without risk of immediate motor failure as is the case on an oil filled motor.

The mercury ban went into effect July 1, 2012. With the approval of the new legislation, owners of water systems are required to install alternative seals such as the industry standard mechanical seal found in all other submersible motors. According to the IEPA, owners will no longer be allowed to purchase, repair or reinstall the type "H" motor with a mercury seal. According to the law, if a submersible motor is pulled for servicing, the seal cannot be altered or repaired. If repairs to the motor are necessary the IEPA will require that the mercury seal be replaced. In response to the new legislation, the Flowserve Corporation decided to discontinue production and repairs to the Type "H" motor with mercury seals beginning in July, 2012 and will require conversion to a double mechanical seal to be mandatory.

Owners will not be required by the IEPA to pull existing pumping equipment with mercury seals preemptively in order to become compliant. Owners of water systems will be required to become compliant with the law only when installing new systems or when required repairs become necessary. There are several options available to become compliant with the new law once a system requires submersible motor repairs. When the pumping equipment is removed from the well for service, the Byron Jackson Type "H" motor can be retrofitted with a double mechanical seal. Another option is to adapt the pump to a water filled submersible motor with a standard mechanical seal, which is often viewed as more environmentally friendly. Water filled motors have been around for decades and due to their reliability and availability, they are the most commonly utilized submersible motors in the world and account for over 90 percent of all motors installed.

There are some important considerations when determining the best approach for either converting the Byron Jackson to a double mechanical seal or replacing the motor altogether. When evaluating the cost between repairs and conversion of a used 100Hp Byron Jackson Type "H" motor to a new replacement 100Hp water filled motor, the prices are very comparative. The decision between repairing the old motor or simply replacing it with new becomes very compelling once you factor in the timeframe to repair the existing Byron Jackson motor which can be upwards of 7-16 weeks. Typically, water filled motors are readily available for immediate installation.

Our goal is to assure all water operators are fully informed regarding the impact of this new law and to provide assistance to develop cost effective solutions to achieve compliance. How do you know if you’ll be affected by this legislation? Questions regarding the new legislation can be directed to Becky Jayne with the IEPA. You may also contact us directly to speak with someone who can address your concerns. A simple site visit by a qualified service technician may aid in determining if you’ll be affected by the law.

Mercury and Water Don't Mix
Feature - Todd Kerry, Water Well Solutions

Illinois Law Bans the Sale of Mercury Seals for Well Pump Applications Due to Environmental Concerns

Original article printed in "On Course" in Spring 2012





The Monitor - Contractor News

Water Well Solutions Service Group, Inc. was founded in November of 2000 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin by Michael E. Judkins and Mark W. Thurow, along with the assistance of several other key employees. They are a full service water well drilling and water well pump servicing contractor serving industrial, municiple, agriculture, commercial, golf course industry and residential clients throughout the Midwest. After working for several other water well contractors , Mike and Mark decided that the focus of their company should have a key concept that other contractors missed...providiing clients with "Water Well Solutions."

They began running the company out of their garage with equipment from another union contractor, Meadow Equipment Sales & Service, Inc., until they could afford to purchase their own fleet of equipment. Today, Water Well Solutions operates one of the largest water well and pump service fleets in the Midwest. The company expanded to service the Illinois market in 2004 through a relationship with partners Timothy Kelly and Todd Kerry. Water Well Solutions Illinois Division, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of WWSSG, Inc. Water Well Solutions Illinois Division, LLC has now hired several key Meadow personnel to work with the Commercial Division in Elburn.

Most recently, Water well Solutions opened their third office in Lake Villa, Illinois when the President and owner of the Henry Boysen Company, with a prestigious 85 year history in the industry, joined with Water Well Solutions to start the Water Well Solutions Illinois Residential Division. Most of the union personnel from the Boysen shop were hired to work in the growing Illinois Divisions in Lake Villa and Elburn, expanding our core abilities to service the groundwater industry of Northern Illinois.

Water Well Solutions is Highly Recommended

Let me first start out by saying I have been in the municipal water field for 29 years, and I have used a number of different well companies in the past. The first project I contracted with Water Well Solutions was in about 2003. I have been using Water Well Solutions exclusively for all of our projects which include: Well rehabilitation, pressure iron filter rehabilitation, air bursting, chemical well treatments, soft starts, and variable speed drives to name a few. Most importantly, for me, is the response to emergency well situations, they have always responded immediately to what I consider an emergency well outage.

All the work I have contracted with Water Well Solutions have always been completed on time, and in an emergency situation they have always got me back in production temporarily until we can get the project materials. My biggest complaint with two other well companies I have worked with in the past was that they would come in with a low bid and then tack on change orders which I believe they knew they would have to have done with the project. Water Well Solutions are upfront, honest and thorough. They have always completed all my projects within 5% of the contract amount or less unless, of course, they find something totally unexpected in which case they explain fully the reason for a possible change order and the benefits of the change, but that is rare as they are very thorough from the project start.

I have worked with most of the people at Water Well Solutions but primarily with Tim Kelly who is totally committed to making sure that I know and understand everything about the project and pricing before the start. Tim has all the records of my wells and in some respects knows my wells better than I do. It is my belief that they are a company that is built on a team of down to earth knowledgeable people who really care about the client and the communities that they serve, a rare quality these days it seems.

I don't mean to sound like a commercial for Water Well Solutions but there is no other company I have worked with that I feel so much at ease with to know that I don't have to worry and watch over their shoulder to make sure everything is done correctly.

Rick Lien, Water Superintendent
Whitewater Water Utility

Summit complex receives donation

Water Well DrillingThe Oconomowoc baseball community has pitched in again without even throwing the ball. Sean Smith, president of the Oconomowoc Area Baseball Club, broke the news Friday.

"Water Well Solutions of Mapleton has made a very generous donation to the three-field baseball and softball diamond complex planned for the corner of Dousman Road and Genesee Lake Road in Summit," Smith said. "They're donated the time, materials and labor to install a well there so we can have running water. That probably amounts to $15,000 to $20,000."

The OABC has partnered with Village of Summit on a five-year renewable lease on the complex, where local youth baseball and softball teams are expected to begin playing this weekend. The backstops and fences are being installed this week.

"Mike Judkins, whose son (Philip) plays on one of our 13-year-old teams, is with Water Well Solutions," Smith said. "His son won't even be playing at the Summit diamonds, but he wanted to do something for the program."

The Summit complex will be for OABC baseball teams ranging from 8U to 12U and for all of the organization's softball teams. 13U teams will be playing the majority of their games at the Oconomowoc High School diamonds. "Eight of our 18 teams will be playing at the new complex," Smith said. We'll also host tryouts for USSSA Team Wisconsin there June 27. That team will go to Illinois this summer to play against teams from Illinois, Iowa and Indiana."

The OABC was formed in 1997. Prior to that, youth baseball in the community was overseen by the YMCA, the Oconomowoc Parks and Recreation Department or La Belle Little League.

"A number of parents put the organization together in 1997 to improve playing facilities in Oconomowoc," Smith said. "That's how we raised the funds to get the pavilion at Roosevelt Field and maintenance. "We took over the Legion programs and the Five O's and have continued expanding to have competitive teams starting at U8. This will be our second year of having a fastpitch program. We have a pretty structured program now."

The recent donation to the Summit complex os the latest example of the Oconomowoc area baseball community pulling together to carry on a rich tradition.

"This is all part of what we're trying to do," Smith said. "Most people who are members of our board are former Oconomowoc players who either have or will have little ones in our program." The OABC will host the 9U/10U USSSA State Championships from June 17 through June 19 and the 11U/12U USSSA State Championships from June 24 through June 26 at Champion Field in Oconomowoc.

We are pleased to announce in addition of the Water Well Solutions Illinois Residential
Division, LLC based of out of Lake Villa, IL.

Water Well Solutions is Celebrating its eleventh year as the trusted leader in the groundwater industry with new advancements in technology and innovative products for the Water Well Drilling and Water Well Pump Servicing Industry. Under the Parent Company Water Well Solutions Service Group, Inc. located in Oconomowoc, WI, we operate one of the largest commercial, municipal, golf course and industrial water well and pump service fleets in the Midwest. We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Water Well Solutions Illinois Residential Division, LLC based of out of Lake Villa, IL. This office is strategically located to compliment our Elburn, IL commercial office and the Coal City Yard.

John E. Yakimisky, former President and owner of the Henry Boysen Company, has teamed up with Water Well Solutions Group with the creation of Water Well Solutions Illinois Residential Division. The Henry Boysen Company had a long and prestigious history in the water well drilling and pump service industry over the course of their 85 years. The Residential Division will continue servicing the groundwater industry for their loyal clients throughout Lake, McHenry, DuPage and Cook County, IL. John E. Yakimisky joins the Water Well Solutions Team as the Manager of the Water Well Solutions Illinois Residential Division. John’s vision is to maintain the Boysen tradition and is dedicated to the continued service and support of the water well market in this area.

We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to offering new products, services and technology to the residential market throughout Northern, IL. For more information on Water Well Solutions, please take a moment to browse our website at www.wwssg.com. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust by providing a safe, reliable source of water for you and your community.

City to Abandon one of its Water Wells

Kewanee, Ill. — The city of Kewanee will spend $28,500 to abandon one of its five water wells.

Well No. 2, across West Fifth Street from the north side reverse osmosis plant, hasn’t been producing water since it developed a problem with silt in the water in 2004, City Manager Kip Spear told the City Council Tuesday.

The council accepted the low bid of $28,500 submitted by Water Well Solutions of Elburn, Ill. Spear said the city has never done business with the firm, but they come highly recommended by officials in other cities where they have worked.

- Star Courier

Water Well Solutions Installs the Largest Submersible Pump and Motor in the Midwest

8/12/09 - Water Well Solutions completed installation of a 800HP Centrilift Pump and Motor for the City of Waukesha, WI, Well No. 10.  The new pump was flow tested at a rate of 3,000 GPM.  The new pump to Motor are the largest submersible pump and motor installation in the Midwest.  Water Well Solutions was selected to complete this project based on experience, past performance and superior products and services.

Water Well Drilling Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling Water Well Drilling Water Well Drilling

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